Do you have a will and is it up to date?

If not, unfortunately should anything happen to you then you have died INTESTATE.  This means that the allocation of your Assets and Estate are decided for you which may not be according to your wishes. 

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Last Will & Testament 

No one can predict how long  we will live for and unfortunately accidents can happen to all ages. Estate Planning is not only for the retired nor only for the wealthy. In fact everyone over the age of 18 should have a will.

Why? Well, what is an Estate? Your Estate is basically everything that you own. This can include; your car, home, other properties, bank accounts, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions etc.

Making a Will now will not only ensure that you can leave your assets to your loved ones but it will also avoid any legal problems that may likely arise in the future for your family.

We understand that this topic may to some, feel rather morbid. Many people tend to avoid this matter believing that perhaps they are not old enough or maybe think that they don’t own enough. That would be unfortunate for your loved ones should the unexpected occur.

We at Protected Life Planning Ltd are here to help you. Our approachable, sensitive and friendly consultants will guide you through the process in the comfort of your own home, ensuring that you will have a clear bespoke WILL which places your hard earned assets where YOU would like them to be.

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