It goes without saying that losing a loved one is an incredibly stressful and emotional time, with considerations such as funeral expenses often causing further concern.  Do you know that the average funeral costs over £3,500  and this figure is expected to rise to nearly £5,000 in the next five years.  If your Estate is not immediately released due to probate then this WILL leave family and friends responsible to cover these costs.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a means by which you can fix the cost of the funeral directors fees and services meaning that no matter how long you live there will never be anything further for your family to pay towards them.

In addition to saving your loved ones thousands of pounds, potentially, against the cost of a future funeral a pre-paid funeral plan has the additional benefit of allowing you to dictate the format of your funeral which will eliminate the uncertainty that can often cause bereaved families further distress.

Further advantages of securing a pre-paid plan is that, should you need long term care at a later date, this plan will not be taken into account in your local councils means-testing calculations of your wealth.