What to do when planning for later life

My Funeral Wishes

From flowers to songs; guest list to a headstone; you can detail it all. Answer difficult questions for your loved ones and make sure they know what you would like at your funeral.

My Cloud Vault

Record where your important documents are kept, and upload or email copies to your Cloud Vault. Stay organised and ensure your loved ones know where to look if anything were to happen to you.

My Online Life

From your device passcode to your Amazon login; record your online life and let your loved ones know what you would like to happen to your accounts.

My Personal Messages

Leave Personal Messages for your loved ones by uploading videos, photos, notes and audio messages; safe in the knowledge they are securely stored until the time comes.

What to do when someone dies

10 Steps of Bereavement

A great tool to help families, executors and administrators discover what to do when someone dies. From the immediate steps to take, for example, registering the death, obtaining a death certificate, arranging a funeral, looking after dependents and pets or securing the property; to distributing the property or possessions of the deceased. If you are looking for more tools to do it yourself, our DIV Executor Toolkit gives you added tools and support.

DIY Executor Toolkit

In-depth, comprehensive, online ‘Do it Yourself’ service, giving you everything you need to ensure you have dealt with the estate in line with your responsibilities and legal liability as a personal representative. It also deals with much more than administering an estate. Including registering a death, arranging a funeral and other practical tasks. The DIY Executor Toolkit can be used whether a Grant of Representation (also known as the Grant of Probate, Administration or Confirmation) is required or not, and even if a Will was not left.

Talk to a bereavement adviser

Don’t get stuck. We have an award-winning bereavement support team who are available over the phone or by email should you need us. Helping you with the practical stuff, the legal stuff, or just to offer reassurance that you’re on the right track. Or, use our online access to Grief Chat to talk to a professional grief counsellor.

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