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Everyone needs to have an up to date Will to protect your family and ensure your assets stay with them.


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We advise anyone with any assets to consider a Trust that suits you and your families needs.


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Our experts are here to help you deal with Estate Planning. We will help you with Probate, Inheritance Tax and much more.



Welcome to Protected Life Planning

We Are Kent Will Writers – Estate Planning is the process of arranging for the management and disposal of your Estate.   Estate Planning is not only about arranging your affairs when you’re gone, but also making sure that you have everything in place should you become incapacitated.

The ultimate goal of an Estate Planner is to listen to your needs and may be as simple or complex as the needs dictate.  This is your Estate and we are here to listen and cater to your needs and wishes

More than half of UK adults (53%) do not have a Will.  This includes nearly eight million people over 50 who have yet to make a will, according to a recent study by Saga.  More worryingly, 47% of people who do have a Will have not had a review to make sure everything is updated.  This should be every five years.

Our Consultants offer free reviews to make sure that everything is in order and that you are fully protected.

  • Include instructions for passing your ‘Legacies’ in addition to your valuables.
  • Include instructions while you are living how you would like your Care, bank accounts, and home to be dealt with in case you lose your faculties before you die.
  • Name a guardian for your Children if under the age of eighteen and protection from sideways inheritance.
  • Provide for family members with special needs
  • Provide for loved ones who might be irresponsible with money or who may need future protection from creditors or divorce.
  • Provide for the transfer of your business at your retirement, disability, or death.
  • Minimize taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees.
  • Be an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Your plan should be reviewed and updated as your family and financial situations (and laws) change over your lifetime.
  • Who is Estate planning for EVERYONE over 18 years old.